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PostSubject: IM SORRY BUT GOODBYE!    Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:49 pm

So as you may know I’ve been hella inactive. I’ve taking a long break and have decided I’m going to advanture away from rsps and figure out something more to my liking. Having a full time job and finally finishing my 13 years of schooling it’s time I grow up and punch out goals. I truly appreciate the opportunity and the great players of narcos.
To my ogs that play non stop and support this I am 100% great full to of had the opportunity to meet you guys and be a co owner of an rsps community. We grew dramatically off 1 post of advatisment and 1 post of a poorly made YouTube video and that is something  I will be forever great full for.
Now don’t jump to conclusions no this isn’t the end of narcos667 I’m sure the man himself the owner narcos has a lot planed up his sleeve so stick around and keep being gangsters.

I here by resign from my position as co owner of narcos667 and wish all of you my best wishes!
Till next time my fellow people!
Peace out!!
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